Apple and OpenAI close to a deal that will put ChatGPT on the iPhone

Apple and OpenAI close to a deal that will put ChatGPT on the iPhone

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According to Gurman, who is as close to being an insider at Apple as any member of the media, the deal between Apple and OpenAI will allow the use of some ChatGPT features in iOS 18. Exactly what those features are we do not know but as we’ve been telling you over the last couple of weeks, certain iOS apps like Safari, and Messages, could end up with a summarization feature that will use keywords to deliver a concise summary about content on the screen.

Apple is reportedly looking to give Siri an AI makeover that will make the virtual digital assistant more knowledgeable. At the same time, OpenAI is believed to be working on its own virtual digital assistant and it isn’t known whether OpenAI’s development of a virtual digital assistant of its own will lead to new features or tools for Siri, or whether OpenAI considers its assistant to be a Siri competitor.

And if this all wasn’t enough, Apple is reportedly still in talks with Google about bringing the latter’s Gemini generative AI features to Apple devices. So far, there are no reports of an agreement between Apple and Google. With the Google I/O developer conference taking place this coming Tuesday, we could hear more about the rumored talks between Google and Apple.

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As far as Apple is concerned, on June 10th the company will kick off its WWDC developer conference and during the keynote, Apple is expected to preview its AI initiative for iOS 18.

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