Android 15 to streamline note-taking on tablets by letting you set a default app

Android 15 to streamline note-taking on tablets by letting you set a default app

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Android tablets are already excellent devices for taking notes, particularly with a keyboard or stylus. However, the current process of unlocking the device to launch a note-taking app can be a bit of a hassle. With the upcoming Android 15 update, Google aims to streamline this process, making note-taking on tablets faster and more efficient.Google unveiled new note-taking features at last month’s Google I/O conference. These features allow users to quickly access their preferred note-taking app from any screen, eliminating the need to switch apps. As reported by Mishaal Rahman (via Android Authority), Miguel Montemayor, a Developer Relations Engineer for Android, introduced the “new Notes role” during a presentation on enhancing user productivity with large screens and accessories.The presentation showed that with this update, users can easily select their default note-taking app through the settings menu. This chosen app can then be launched directly from the lock screen by long-pressing a designated shortcut, eliminating the need to unlock the device. Additionally, users with compatible USI styluses can press the tail button to open the app in a floating window that overlays other apps, providing a seamless note-taking experience.

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Credit: Google via Mishaal Rahman

However, these features won’t be automatically available in most existing note-taking apps. Developers need to take specific actions to enable their apps to function as Android’s default note-taking app. This includes modifying or creating activities to handle specific intents, and ensuring that the app can be launched from the lock screen and turn the device’s screen on when necessary.

While this was technically introduced in Android 14, it is disabled by default and requires manual activation through developer options. It appears that Google waited to officially announce and promote these features until they were fully ready for widespread adoption.

Currently,┬áthe Notes role is still disabled in the latest Android 15 beta version for the Pixel Tablet. However, Google’s emphasis on these features at I/O suggests that they will likely be enabled by default in the upcoming stable release. It’s looking like Android 15 is set to significantly improve the note-taking experience on tablets by simplifying the process of launching note-taking apps.

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