Android 15 might introduce double-tap zoom

Android 15 might introduce double-tap zoom

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. The tech giant has already released several beta versions, each unveiling new features. According to a report from the all-Android-focused media outlet

, the next generation OS may introduce new accessibility options, potentially including a better way for activating screen magnification.

A fourth option for screen magnification might be on its way

Android’s Accessibility settings have long provided screen magnification as a way for users to zoom in on their screen content. Currently, you can activate screen magnification in three different ways:

  • Enabling the on-screen accessibility shortcut button ( it’s disabled by default)
  • Pressing and holding the volume keys
  • Triple-tapping the display, though Google warns that this action “may slow down your device.”
Google might introduce a fourth option to simplify screen magnification on Android phones. With Android 15, you may soon be able to magnify the screen simply by tapping it twice using two fingers.


This method appears to be easier than the existing options and reportedly won’t cause any slowdowns. It also seems more intuitive, considering that once you’ve entered the magnified view, you’ll use two fingers to navigate around the display.

While this functionality isn’t live yet and there is no clear timeline for its release, it is functional in testing, suggesting it may roll out in future releases. The next Android 15 beta release is expected in the coming weeks.
Google is poised to reveal more details about the upcoming Android 15 at its next I/O developer conference, scheduled for May 14, so stay tuned for updates.

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