Android 15 could make your third-party video apps much better at stabilization

Android 15 could make your third-party video apps much better at stabilization

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If you ever find yourself switching back to your phone’s basic camera app just for the video effects, Android 15 might be about to change that for good. Effects such as super smooth slow-motion, or fancy stabilization that makes your videos look like they were taken with a pro rig, may not always be found in your third party camera app of choice. However, a new feature called “Eyes Free videography” could be the key to unlocking those effects.

Right now all those camera features — auto mode, bokeh, face retouch, HDR, and whatever your OEM’s version is of Night Sight — are built so they mostly only work with your phone’s default camera. To date, third-party app developers have had a tough time making them work consistently across all the different Android phones out there, making the experience a bit inconsistent. This limitation forces users sometimes to go back to the stock camera, just to take advantage of those features.
Android already has a system to help with this, letting phone makers share those camera features with other apps by packaging them into an extension. However, in their latest deep dive of Android 15, Android Authority‘s Mishaal Rahman discovered that Google looks to be adding another extension to the existing five: “Eyes Free videography.” From the sound of it, this feature would focus on next-level stabilization, so you could potentially get super smooth and stabilized video via your preferred third party camera app.

Source: Android Authority

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Of course, how well this works will likely depend on whether your phone maker decides to build a custom version of “Eyes Free videography” specifically for their devices. But here’s the exciting part: even if they don’t, Android 15 might ship with a basic version baked in. Think of it as a universal video stabilizer that you could use on any device. It might not have all the bells and whistles of a fancy phone-specific one, but it’d still be a huge improvement for all those third-party video apps. Android 15 is definitely shaping up to be an exciting update for Android users.

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