Amazon re-launches its fantastic JBL Boombox 3 deal, though only for a short while

Amazon re-launches its fantastic JBL Boombox 3 deal, though only for a short while

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A week ago, we shared a fantastic JBL Boombox 3 deal that, unfortunately, remained active for an incredibly short time. To our great surprise, Amazon has re-introduced it this Monday. In other words, you can again get one of the best Bluetooth speakers at $100 off its price tag. While not its best price, the speaker is still much more attractive at such a solid discount.

In case you’re wondering, the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this large-sized fella was available during the 2023 Black Friday savings craze. As for today’s deal, Amazon has branded it as a limited-time offer, meaning it’ll probably vanish soon. So, if you want a booming sound at a more attractive price, we recommend acting fast and getting one as soon as possible. 

Loud enough to become your favorite party companion, this large speaker has everything you need for practically any outdoor gathering. It rivals some of the best waterproof speakers with its high IP67 rating. Moreover, its battery life is sufficient to get you through any occasion.

While some options in this category tend to distort sound quality as you turn up the volume, the Boombox 3 won’t mess up your jams even when you listen at higher volumes. Housing two RMS subwoofers, two RMS midrange units, and two RMS tweeters, this speaker gives you bass-heavy audio that should be perfect for outdoor parties.

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But if it’s not loud enough for your taste on its own, you can download the companion app and use the PartyBoost feature to connect it to more JBL speakers. The JBL app also gives access to the EQ settings and software updates.

Something we’d like you to keep in mind – although technically portable, this speaker is on the larger side of things. It weighs 14.7 lbs (6.7kg), so it might not be suitable for hiking. If you want something more portable, consider the JBL Charge 5. As far as the battery goes, this bad boy offers up to 24 hours of listening time per charge, which is pretty respectable given its large size. 

Ultimately, this speaker is ideal for fans of loud, thumping music. It’s undoubtedly somewhat expensive at its regular list price, but you can save 20% on it through Amazon. Again, the merchant’s deal won’t remain live for too long, so don’t sleep on it and get one straight away.

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