Amazon is selling the old but gold Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 at a nice $50 discount in four colors

Amazon is selling the old but gold Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 at a nice $50 discount in four colors

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Released back in the summer of 2021, the Galaxy Buds 2 are not exactly hard to come by at a cool discount these days. But if you’ve been paying attention to Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy’s top deals on this particular noise-cancelling product in recent months, you may have noticed a pattern… or three.

Most of the time, the highest discounts are available on just one or two color options and the ultra-affordable Buds 2 are actually sold and shipped by third-party merchants. Then you have those “international” offers, which you generally want to avoid if you care about a valid US warranty.

Amazon’s latest promotion has no such “catches”, restrictions, or fine print you need to be careful of before making a purchase, simply allowing you to save 50 bucks on four different Galaxy Buds 2 colorways.

These are all official US versions backed by a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty, and although the deal is not completely unprecedented, it could soon go away for good. That’s because Samsung no longer appears to sell the Galaxy Buds 2 through its regional website (at any price), while Best Buy, for instance, only has a “Phantom Black” flavor left in stock (at a $50 discount of its own) at the time of this writing.
That all suggests the decidedly premium-looking and premium-sounding non-Pro buds may well be discontinued altogether in the very near future, especially with both Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro models likely to see daylight by the end of 2024.

Hence, this might be your last chance to pick up a swanky lavender, olive green, or white version of the Galaxy Buds 2 (with a full warranty) at 33 percent below a $149.99 list price.

Are you looking at the best of the best wireless earbuds money can buy today? Probably not, but our comprehensive Galaxy Buds 2 review a few years back found these puppies to deliver squeaky clean sound with great bass and solid ANC performance, two descriptions that are likely to be true in 2024 as well.

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