Amazon is selling the affordable Lenovo Tab M11 with a pen and folio case at an unbeatable price

Amazon is selling the affordable Lenovo Tab M11 with a pen and folio case at an unbeatable price

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It certainly hasn’t been easy to choose from Lenovo’s many deeply discounted Android tablets with a variety of screen sizes and price points ranging from under $100 to close to $1,000 in the last few weeks, but Amazon appears to have discreetly made your decision a little more straightforward with a killer new deal on the company’s latest jumbo-sized mid-ranger.

If you hurry, you can get the largely unremarkable but arguably well-rounded 11-incher at a record high discount… that Amazon is actually underselling a little. The e-commerce giant is listing the slate’s “typical price” at $226.29 with a stylus and folio case included, which doesn’t seem entirely accurate.

That’s because you’re looking at a 128GB storage variant here that normally costs $219.99 with an aptly named Lenovo Tab Pen bundled in, while the protective case (which even comes with a built-in pen holder) separately goes for $29.99. That brings your “typical” total to around 250 bucks, which means that Amazon is currently allowing you to save a cool $80 for this complete 3-in-1 package.

In the absence of a truly productivity-maximizing keyboard, of course, the Lenovo Tab M11 will not be able to replace your conventional laptop for all intents and purposes. Still, given how little money you can spend here for a presumably limited time only, you’re getting a pretty amazing value proposition at all levels and across all departments.

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Designed primarily to keep you entertained while travelling, the Tab M11 squeezes four surprisingly powerful speakers optimized by Dolby Atmos inside an impressively thin and lightweight package that somehow accommodates a battery large enough to keep the lights on for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted video playback between charges as well.

Is this the best Android tablet money can buy today? Not even close. Is it good enough to justify your (massively reduced) expense at the time of this writing? Almost definitely, at least if you think you can live with mediocre long-term software support compared to, say, the best budget tablets from someone like Samsung.

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