Amazon is now offering the highest Apple Watch Ultra 2 discount in quite some time

Amazon is now offering the highest Apple Watch Ultra 2 discount in quite some time

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If that discouraging Apple Watch Ultra 3 rumor from yesterday has made you more interested… in the existing Apple Watch Ultra 2 than ever before, we have some good news for you today. The 2023-released rugged timepiece is currently on sale at an $85 discount, which may not sound earth-shattering, but actually beats every deal from Amazon and Best Buy in recent memory.

Normally available for $799, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 has been priced even lower than today on a couple of different occasions in the past. But the most recent one was around two months ago, which is obviously not very recent, and it makes this new Amazon deal pretty hard to miss… for folks who can afford to drop over seven Benjamins on a new smartwatch.
Of course, this is not just any smartwatch, but quite possibly thebest smartwatch in the world today for iPhone users, as we highlighted in our comprehensive review last fall. Being familiar with the OG Apple Watch Ultra, we weren’t exactly taken by surprise by any of the second generation’s super-advanced “action” skills and health monitoring capabilities, but it’s still difficult to find a tougher, more versatile, and feature-packed wearable device (at any price) out there right now.
The display performance, battery life, and overall user experience were all praised in our review (as well as many other reviews across the interwebs), and since its commercial debut, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 has also gained a handy double tap gesture further improving its versatility and ease of use.
Although it’s technically not marked as a limited-time offer, Amazon’s latest deal on Apple‘s latest rugged smartwatch is likely to go away pretty quickly. That’s because you can only buy the cellular-enabled Apple Watch Ultra 2 with a blue/black trail loop in an S/M size at 11 percent under its $799 list price, which guarantees limited inventory, requiring you hurry up and pull the trigger ASAP.

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