Agnikul postpones launch of India’s 1st semi-cryogenic rocket 2nd time in two weeks

Agnikul postpones launch of India’s 1st semi-cryogenic rocket 2nd time in two weeks

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NEW DELHI: Indian aerospace startup Agnikul Cosmos on Saturday postponed the launch of India’s first semi-cryogenic rocket Agnibaan for the second time in two weeks citing technical issues.
The IIT Madras incubated startup postponed the liftoff while conducting pre-launch checks, the people at the launch site informed.
This comes after the company delayed the launch of the rocket scheduled for March 22 citing “unavoidable circumstances”.
In a post on X, Agnikul said on March 21, “Holding our launch out of an abundance of caution based on certain minor observations from the full countdown rehearsals last night. Will keep you all posted on the new date and time. Thanks a lot for all the support that has been pouring in.”

Agnibaan was supposed to be launched from its own launchpad, Dhanush, at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.
Agnibaan SOrTeD is a sub-orbital technology demonstrator that will fly and validate a single-stage rocket powered by Agnite, a 3D printed semi-cryogenic engine which uses commercially available aviation turbine fuel or kerosene and medical grade liquid oxygen.
The mission has many firsts including launch from the country’s first private launchpad along with a mission control room established in Sriharikota spaceport, use of the country’s first semi-cryogenic engine powered rocket, and first single piece 3D printed engine designed and built indigenously.

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